Cambelt Change – SEAT & SKODA

Cambelt Change – SEAT & SKODA

What is a cambelt?

A SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change is one of the most important components a vehicle’s engine to keep maintained. Cambelts are designed to keep the bottom of the engine in perfect sync with the top of it, making the cambelt a necessary part of your vehicle. A cambelt normally consists of rubber or metal that is ribbed and placed onto the engine in order to crank and camshaft in time with each other.


Why do I need to replace my cambelt?

A SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change should be replaced essentially to keep your engine intact. Like most things, a cambelt does not last forever and therefore needs to be replaced in order to keep your engine all in one piece.

A cambelt needs to be replaced as overtime it stretches due to wear. If your cambelt stretches to the point it snaps or breaks, this will cause the integral parts of your engine to fall out of sync and ultimately collide with each other causing further damage. Therefore, to avoid further repairs needing to be made, you should ensure your cambelt is always in full working order.

When should you change your cambelt?

It is recommended for a SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change is completed every 4 to 5 years or at the mileage interval set by the service schedule.

There are obvious signs that indicate that a cambelt needs to be changed, one being a delayed engine. This can be identified by a slow pickup or lack of power in your engine which will ultimately be noticeable by the reduced speed of the vehicle.

Another tell-tale sign is rattling from the engine. This indicates that the cambelt has stretched and therefore needs replacing before it gets anymore damaged.