Vehicle Graphics

vehicle graphics

Make Everyone Notice Your Business with Vehicle Graphics

It’s vital to make the public aware of your business. You need to ensure that you are unique and will stand out from competitors in what might be a crowded market.

Capturing visual aspects of your brand on work-use vehicles gives a wider range of people the chance to notice your business, as opposed to just clients or people that have specifically searched for your services. It is a permanent form of marketing, generating continuous free publicity (just once you have paid for the graphics to be added), creating an extra dimension to compliment more intricate marketing tools such as social media advertisement or sales pitches.

Whether you want a memorable image to illustrate your business’ personality, or enticing paintwork, vehicle graphics will provide this notoriety.

Vehicle graphics can be implemented along with other elements to give you the best business car possible. Chrome paintwork, correction and detailing, and resprays will all come together to make you identifiable on the road. An expert vehicle graphic designer will guide on the best colour schemes and graphics to attract the customer base you are targeting.

If you run a larger business and have multiple vehicles, the graphics and paintwork can be matched to ensure brand consistency.

House of Kolor Paint

You will want to use a vehicle graphics service that performs their paintwork with House of Kolor paint. This is specialist vehicle paint that will give the highest quality and most long-lasting colour. You do not want to have to regularly return to have the paintwork topped up.

Chrome painting provides a fresh, mirror-like finish when used on a surface. The shinier a vehicle, the newer it looks, and the more attractive your business appears.
Vehicle Graphics Features

High resolution graphics are a must to help garner public interest. These also improve weather durability meaning they have a better chance of surviving tougher conditions. Good standard vehicle graphics should last 5 to 7 years.

It is important to have a wide range of colour options and not be limited with your graphics. Truly bespoke services mean your ideas can come to life and give you and your business the best chance of succeeding.

Car Finance Halesowen

Have you been searching for car finance in Halesowen? Well look no further, Lots of companies specialise in car finance in and around the West Midlands area. They can offer finance to all customers no matter what their credit rating is, most can also offer no fees and no deposit, and Most of the finance companies will ensure all our customers receive an instant decision.

Plenty of car finance companies in Halesowen are family-owned businesses, making them proud of how customer expectations are managed and how everyone is treated fairly.

If you are looking for Car finance Halesowen, you can search online or pop into an actual showroom in the area. You will be asked to fill out an application form, when this is approved you can choose a suitable car from the online showroom or from the actual showroom.

So, if you are looking for car finance in Halesowen, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a decent company that will be happy to help.

If you have had credit problems in the past, you may still be able to get car finance in Halesowen, Speak to your salesman, use their knowledge to point you in the right direction. They are armed with all the tools to help you get finance even if you do have a poor credit rating.

Most finance companies will take the first payment 30 days after the agreement was originally signed. Then a monthly payment will be taken out for the next two or three years, depending on how long the finance contract is that you have signed.

You will need to be over the age of 18 to get car finance; occasionally a guarantor may be required.

If you wanted to pay off your finance before the end of the term, you could ask for a settlement agreement, pay off the amount and close that contract at any point during the term.


How can I make my vehicle security better?

Simple answer: with a vehicle immobiliser. If you have a car with the keyless entry you are most at risk for having your vehicle stolen. Thieves have adapted to the convenient keyless car technology, there’s no need for them to break into your home to find your keys anymore, all they need is the right tools. Thieves may have created the keyless cloning and relay method, but car experts have revolutionised a way to counteract it.

The 2016 Home Office Report on Reducing criminal opportunity: vehicle security and vehicle crime, states:

“Another reason for the variable effectiveness of security devices is longevity. Whereas previous devices (e.g. steering locks) seem to have kept thieves at bay for a limited period, electronic immobilisers have remained a strong deterrent for more than two decades”

vehicle security

So what is a vehicle immobiliser?

A vehicle immobiliser is a system that creates a pin code within your vehicle’s dashboard that’s completely unique to you, meaning there is no way for a thief to drive away with your car. Because of this, it is currently the hottest device in vehicle security.

With a keyless car, thieves can pick up the transmission of your key from outside your house and replicate it to your car. This then allows them to drive away with no forced entry at all, making it hard to detect from inside your home, and for police to find evidence of the crime.  A vehicle immobiliser eliminates this risk, as without knowing the unique pin code, a thief will have no way of moving the vehicle.



On top of this, there are a few things you can do to optimise your vehicle security in general:

Park your car on your own property or somewhere safe and away from dark back streets.

Give no obvious indicators that there are belongings in the car.

If you are leaving your car for a long time, park beneath a CCTV camera or in an attended car park.

However, if a thief has decided they are going to steal your vehicle, they will be determined to do so at any cost. With a vehicle immobiliser, it is basically impossible.

If you are looking for commercial Van security – try Van Deadlock Solutions for products such as deadlocks and hooklocks.

Luxury Car Hire

Luxury cars serve as a high-end status symbol and leave a lasting impression in both business and personal environments. There are many luxury cars to choose from so making the right choice can be difficult especially if you are restricted by budget.

Luxury car hire gives anyone the chance to drive a high-end vehicle they otherwise wouldn’t. Cars are available to hire any time of the year and for any occasion. Whether it’s a special event such as a wedding or just a chance to drive a fast car, then there is a car for you.

Each car has its own characteristics and unique design which offers a different experience based on what you pick. Rolls Royce are big luxury cars to cruise around in while a Ferrari offer a more sportier ride due to being smaller and lighter.

Why Hire a Luxury Car?

Hiring a luxury car means you don’t have to worry about the price deprecating as you’re not actually purchasing the vehicle itself. The instant you drive a car off the forecourt it will depreciate and mileage greatly affects the value of luxury cars.

The maintenance of a luxury car can be quite expensive due to the specialist parts often required. Even things like tyres and oil can cost more than a regular car due to the specialised nature of the parts.

Insuring a luxury car is costly due to their performance nature and how they are attractive to potential thieves. Extensive repairs on a luxury car after an accident can end up costing thousands, so the insurance premiums are usually high.

Having a choice of cars is the biggest advantage of hiring a luxury car. Renting just for a weekend means you can change your mind and hire something else at a different time.

Luxury Car Hire

Cambelt Change – SEAT & SKODA

Cambelt Change – SEAT & SKODA

What is a cambelt?

A SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change is one of the most important components a vehicle’s engine to keep maintained. Cambelts are designed to keep the bottom of the engine in perfect sync with the top of it, making the cambelt a necessary part of your vehicle. A cambelt normally consists of rubber or metal that is ribbed and placed onto the engine in order to crank and camshaft in time with each other.


Why do I need to replace my cambelt?

A SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change should be replaced essentially to keep your engine intact. Like most things, a cambelt does not last forever and therefore needs to be replaced in order to keep your engine all in one piece.

A cambelt needs to be replaced as overtime it stretches due to wear. If your cambelt stretches to the point it snaps or breaks, this will cause the integral parts of your engine to fall out of sync and ultimately collide with each other causing further damage. Therefore, to avoid further repairs needing to be made, you should ensure your cambelt is always in full working order.

When should you change your cambelt?

It is recommended for a SEAT cambelt change or SKODA cambelt change is completed every 4 to 5 years or at the mileage interval set by the service schedule.

There are obvious signs that indicate that a cambelt needs to be changed, one being a delayed engine. This can be identified by a slow pickup or lack of power in your engine which will ultimately be noticeable by the reduced speed of the vehicle.

Another tell-tale sign is rattling from the engine. This indicates that the cambelt has stretched and therefore needs replacing before it gets anymore damaged.