How can I make my vehicle security better?

Simple answer: with a vehicle immobiliser. If you have a car with the keyless entry you are most at risk for having your vehicle stolen. Thieves have adapted to the convenient keyless car technology, there’s no need for them to break into your home to find your keys anymore, all they need is the right tools. Thieves may have created the keyless cloning and relay method, but car experts have revolutionised a way to counteract it.

The 2016 Home Office Report on Reducing criminal opportunity: vehicle security and vehicle crime, states:

“Another reason for the variable effectiveness of security devices is longevity. Whereas previous devices (e.g. steering locks) seem to have kept thieves at bay for a limited period, electronic immobilisers have remained a strong deterrent for more than two decades”

vehicle security

So what is a vehicle immobiliser?

A vehicle immobiliser is a system that creates a pin code within your vehicle’s dashboard that’s completely unique to you, meaning there is no way for a thief to drive away with your car. Because of this, it is currently the hottest device in vehicle security.

With a keyless car, thieves can pick up the transmission of your key from outside your house and replicate it to your car. This then allows them to drive away with no forced entry at all, making it hard to detect from inside your home, and for police to find evidence of the crime.  A vehicle immobiliser eliminates this risk, as without knowing the unique pin code, a thief will have no way of moving the vehicle.



On top of this, there are a few things you can do to optimise your vehicle security in general:

Park your car on your own property or somewhere safe and away from dark back streets.

Give no obvious indicators that there are belongings in the car.

If you are leaving your car for a long time, park beneath a CCTV camera or in an attended car park.

However, if a thief has decided they are going to steal your vehicle, they will be determined to do so at any cost. With a vehicle immobiliser, it is basically impossible.

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